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About Us

  • We started our activity in 1979 by manufacturing industrial elevators. Due to the expansion of construction and the necessity of producing passenger elevators, we manufactured and installed our first passenger elevator in 1990.

  • This company relies on its highly-qualified technical staff (professors and graduates of technical colleges), and uses a set of well-equipped workshops which offers extensive services in the following fields. Faraz Pouya Faal has always acted as a help for elevator companies.

Faraz Pouya Faal Slogan

Our Profession is Special Elevators


In recent years, factors such as population growth, increase in urban population, and the improvement of living standards have made engineers and construction experts construct tall buildings with high number of floors. This makes the use of elevators with various applications necessary in these buildings.



Statistics show that one of the most dangerous and painful accidents revolving around the use of elevators is the fall of people into the elevator pit which in the most optimistic state leads to the fracture of bones and, in the most pessimistic state, causes death. Unfortunately, the share of death in such accidents is higher.