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A Lesson from Accidents

Statistics show that one of the most dangerous and painful accidents revolving around the use of elevators is the fall of people into the elevator pit which in the most optimistic state leads to the fracture of bones and, in the most pessimistic state, causes death. Unfortunately, the share of death in such accidents is higher.
- Now, with the introduction above, we draw your attention to a few simple learning points. We hope that you offer peace to you and others by observing the following points.
-The elevator, under any circumstances, must be serviced once a month by a qualified elevator technician who is sent from an authorized company.
- Elevator’s standard certificate must be renewed each year by an authorized company.
- In the event of elevator breakdown, if the above two points are observed, the cabin fall rate is zero, and the fear of this issue is completely in vain for the people inside the cabin.
-People who are trapped in the cabin should know that there is enough oxygen in the cabin.
-Note that in case of elevator breakdown, if the cabin stops in the middle of the floor door, do not use any tools such as stool, chair, ladder or hugging to take people out of the cabin, as the possibility of falling into the elevator pit from the bottom of the cabin is very very high. Therefore, in such cases, first align the cabin with the floor level and then take out people.
-Never hurry to enter the elevator car as the elevator hinged door may be opened when the car is not still aligned with the floor level. This will cause you to fall into the elevator pit if you are distracted or speaking with cell phone.
- Open the elevator hinged door only when you are sure that the car is aligned with the floor level you are in. For this, just look at the floor number indicted on the hall button display.
- Transportation of any large or unconventional load with a passenger elevator is prohibited under the law of Standards Organization.
-The capacity of the car is always written on a metal plate, so never get on the car more than its capacity.
-The emergency call button is supplied by a battery during breakdown or power failure, and the emergency lamp in the car will remain lit up for hours.