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Elevator Guidelines

In recent years, factors such as population growth, increase in urban population, and the improvement of living standards have made engineers and construction experts construct tall buildings with high number of floors. This makes the use of elevators with various applications necessary in these buildings. As a result, Ariya Arsh Sahand Company has published guidelines for the purpose of culture promotion and education. The guidelines provide you with important points on the use of elevators; Therefore, we ask our esteemed customers to read these guidelines carefully before using the elevator. The content of this brochure is derived from the laws of Standards Organization, the Elevator and Escalator Syndicate, and the experiences of Ariya Arsh Sahand Company.

General Guidelines on the Use of Elevators:
Before using the elevator, you must contact company's contact number (written on the capacity plate inside the cabin) to activate your elevator guarantee and service contract. You should note that the elevator is designed to transport passengers and it is forbidden to carry goods with a passenger elevator. In tall buildings, in addition to passenger elevator, a freight elevator is installed to carry goods.
Elevators are available to the market with two door systems:

1-Hinged door
2- Automatic door (center opening or telescopic)

In elevators with hinged door, you should press the call button and then wait for the car to come to your floor. When the car is aligned with the floor level and the direction light on the display is off, you can open the elevator door (note that the door will never open before the car is aligned with the floor level and if the door opens, you should contact the support department of the company quickly).

After opening the hinged door, you can step inside the car and press the button of your desired floor and wait for the car door to close and the car to move. Note that the hinged door should be automatically closed after you get inside the elevator car.
During the time the car door is being closed, you can prevent the door from closing by pressing the DOOR OPEN (DO) button. This button should be pressed before the door is fully closed.

After you arrive at your desired floor, you should wait for the car door to open automatically, and after the door is opened, you can step out of the car by opening the hinged door.
Falling is the most horrifying word that prevents the elevator passengers to calm, but falling will not occur provided that the necessary inspections and repairs of the elevator are done in a timely and correct manner, because a system called Parachute is used in elevators. This system prevents the car from falling by biting the rails and stopping the car. The reason for the falling could be factors such as extensive use, wear and tear of elevator parts, and etc.
If, during movement, the cabin stops moving for any reason, remain calm and inform the caretaker or other residents by pressing the emergency call button, and if you have a cell phone, contact the company support number (written on the capacity plate of the cabin).

Note that the elevator will never fall and there will be always enough oxygen in the car for breathing, and you can also increase the flow of oxygen and air inside the cabin by turning on the fan. But if you are the person outside the elevator car and you are informed that someone is trapped in the car, promptly inform the building manager and do the following actions to take out the trapped people:
Before any action, you must find out if your elevator is equipped with an emergency rescue system?

If the elevator features an emergency rescue system, the trapped people can automatically get out of the car, but if the elevator does not feature such system, do the following actions:
Ensure the people inside the car that their rescue has been started. To take out the trapped people, you have to go to the elevator machine room on the rooftop, identify the three-phase electrical panel in the machine room, and turn off the main power switch of the elevator (the zero and one key).
You must know that no one except a technician should manipulate the elevator control panel because it is dangerous and may cause irreparable events.

Identify the brake lever on the machine, then turn it to the sides to the end in order to release the machine brake. While holding the brake lever, turn the flyweel to the side easier to turn. Now direct the car up or down. Turn the flyweel to the extent that the color mark on the wire ropes is placed in front of the machine frame. Then release the brake lever and tell the people inside the car to push the car door open with hands and then get out of the car.

Despite the oral and written explanations given frequently by the technical section of the company to the respected customers, we unfortunately observe that people trapped in the elevator car are in fear. We explicitly declare that the elevator car will not fall under any circumstances and that there is enough air in the car and any anxiety or fear is completely futile.

Carrying Goods by Passenger Elevators:
As explained before, carrying any good with passenger elevators is prohibited, but due to some requests for carrying goods by passenger elevators, some explanation is given:
You should know that the number of people and the weight that the elevator can carry is always written on the capacity plate. It means that an elevator with the capacity of, say, six people can carry 450 kg of load (6*75=450)
Therefore, you can only carry up to 450kg of load with a passenger elevator in emergency situations, provided that you do not damage the car decoration, and that the building manager is informed.
Elevators with Automatic Door:
The use of this type of elevators is almost the same as the ones with hinged door. The only difference is that automatic elevator doors are opened and closed automatically without using hands. Furthermore, there is a DOOR CLOSE (DC) button on the button panel on the interior of the car.
In some cases, it is seen that users prevent the (automatic) door from closing when it is being closed. This, unfortunately, damages the door parts and makes them out of order and disrupts the function of the elevator.
But what should be done to prevent the door from closing when it is being closed?
To do so, if you are in the elevator car, press the button of the floor you are in or press the (DC) button to prevent the door from closing. If you are outside the car, press the call button (installed next to the elevator door) to prevent the door from closing.
In addition, in most elevators, the car is equipped with a photoelectric sensor - both light curtain and light spot - to detect obstacles when closing the door and if there is an obstacle when the door is being closed, the door will be automatically opened. Sample button panel on the interior of the car in elevators with automatic door