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Gholamreza Faal Isfahani

Birth Date : 1972
Position : CEO
Education :
Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering - Electronics

Experience :

13 years of teaching experience in Najaf Abad Azad University, Majlesi University, University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Jihad Daneshgahi, and Construction Engineering Organization
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Isfahan Elevator and Escalator Syndicate in the sixth and seventh period
Launching the production line for microprocessor based elevator control panels (Aria Technique)
15 years of experience in industrial automation and PLC
Setting up the customer service department to raise the level of customer satisfaction

Member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce
Member of Islamic Society of Engineers of Isfahan
Member of the Construction Engineering Organization
Technical expert of the Union of Coil, Electric Motor, Generator, and Elevator